Cariad is available on Beatport, Juno and other retailers.

Dalliance will be released May 21st. More to come. Sample it here.

Imbued and Dalliance ep

Imbued will be released on Dubporn Records Loved Up compilation coming out next Thursday. Dalliance, which is back to being an ep will be released on vinyl in March.

Cariad was released in November last year to excellent reviews. Here is a short write up on sub-bass music. It was chosen to be the track in a sony ericson experia phone campaign. You can buy Cariad on Beatport.

Dalliance the Album

I had previously thought to release Dalliance as an ep but am now currently compiling it as an album set to be released in winter, December or February. Stay tuned.

Touch Me Music Video and Release Date

Touch Me ep is set to be released on vinyl August 15th on Dubporn Records. With support from the likes of Von D I am pretty excited for this, and soon afterward Cariad will be released. Touch Me was remixed by Ptr1 of Poland, it’s a dance jam that compliments the release.

Cargo gave us a beautiful write up that honors the emotion and feeling of the release, describing the energy of the original tune in a perfectly poignant manner. “Touch Me takes a haunting twighlight path through garage zones, where light flickers through the trees and sounds dart among the undergrowth like half-glimpsed wildlife, curiously observing the listener from a safe distance.” Read the full description and pre-sale order here.

Also from some footage taken last summer I created a video for Touch Me.

Cariad Music Video Launched

Cariad music video has been launched. Shot by Michael Connors. Story, production and editing by Inanna.

Dalliance ep

Dalliance ep audio samples, currently unsigned. Enjoy the garage flavors and bass inspired beats of experimental electronic music.

La Folias newest release support from Hawtin and Masiello

R Audiard’s ‘The Right Place’ is receiving great support from Desyn Masiello, who gave it a smashing review, Hawtin and Luciano, plus many more.

La Folia Upcoming Releases

We have a new artist on La Folia – R. Audiard, another Boston native. The two track minimal dub ep comes out October 26th and you can here samples on our soundcloud

Upcoming after that is Quadratics 2010 rework of Electrocute supported by a Slash Fiction Nu Disco remix out November 9th!


I am on soundcloud with new unreleased music.


Cariad is an unsigned track which is currently having a video made for it with film taken on the same day as the photos in this video were shot. Photography by Michael Connors

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