One Step Closer – 2-Step Mix from 2001-02

One Step Closer
2-Step 01.02

Somewhere, and sometime in 2001-02, I don’t recall exactly when, this mix was recorded the old fashion way, with vinyl on two 1200′s. A collection of rare 2-Step gems.

Romeo Mix

Dubstep 01.10

The Modyfier music blog has again featured one of my mixes. This time my newest dubstep mix. Its a process series created by an artist based in San Francisco. The series has several mixes with write ups regarding the process of inspiration of the creators. Look for other artists like Mochipet, Telepopmusik, Lusine, Max Cooper, Scuba, and Clara Moto. As far as I can see I am the only artist to have contributed twice. My mix includes a remix colloboration with C-Dubs, of An On Bast’s ‘Upon The Dew Drops’ due out La Folia March 23rd..

“Probably the best mix of 2010. This one touch me so deep from the first second… Thanks a lot Inanna.” “it asked the question I think we all ask, at one time or another.” – Stroboscopic Artefacts (Berlin)

“Inspiring, thank you” – Flavster

Modifyer Blog Mix

Tongue and Cheek Mix
Tech-House, Techno, Break-Beat 11.07

The Modyfier music blog featured one of my mixes. Its a process series created by an artist based in San Francisco. The series has several mixes with write ups regarding the process of inspiration of the creators.

“DJ Inanna is one of our favorite DJ’s at Spineshaker. She found her way into our hearts and minds with the very first track of her Electrotech mix – “Who’s Afraid of Detroit – Claude Von Stroke”. Her latest mix, a promo dj mix for her upcoming tour, has again displayed Inanna’s high level of skill and her enduring dedication to the art of mixing and production. DJ Inanna begins this mix with a cinematic intro, and a haunting progressive set the slowly evolves into a dreamy techy trance.” –

“Tech House music never sounded so good with the tech house set Tongue and Cheek by DJ Inanna. There’s something inherently raw about DJ Inanna’s set Tongue and Cheek. Perhaps it is the simplistic nature of clean beats that builds progressively with no clutter and yet remains edgy and obtrusive. In essence Tonque and Cheek is like awork of art that needs to be displayed in a music vault at an audiophile museum…enjoy.” – The Freshpage

Chill Out Selections

Chillout Selections
Chillout, Ambient 01.07

“You might accuse us of sounding like a broken record, but we need to say it again – DJ Inanna is one of Spineshaker’s favourite DJ’s. Why? Because her mixes continue to show amazing diversity in style, she produces some excellent tracks, and she oozes creativity from every pore. This latest mix is a beautiful journey into the surreal. Next time you need a trip to some foreign country, throw this mix on instead.” –

1. The Fountain – Morning Mix Intro – Inanna
2. Bali Hi – Original – Deep Dive Corp. – Jubilee Records
3. Luscus – Original – Deep Dive Corp. – Jubilee Records
4. Little Bullet – Dum Dum Mix – Spooky – Spooky
5. Airport – Original – Jonson – Mikrolux
6. Arplayin – Original – Jonson – Mikrolux
7. Myppa – Mukti – Original -Herb Recordings
8. Pendelum feat. Howard Burns – Kevin Yost – I Records
9. Sterling and Goulden – Original – Postprior – Ghostly International
10. Ode to the Machine – Original – Shamantic Technology – Herb Recordings
11. Gods are Sleeping – Original – Alexey V – Kahvi Collective
12. Bernard’s Song – Original – Outputmessage – Ghostly International
13. Locks – Original Mix – Lusine, David Wingo – Ghostly International
14. Small Things – Original – Badun – Stella Polaris Music
15. Cielo – Murcof
16. Kearn – Holden – Silver Planet