We were in the midst of winter and as I leaned my head against the trucks cold window my breath fogged it’s glass. A circle of dewy mist manifested and like the truth hiding shroud that envelopes human consciousness it too obscured the scenery outside. I drew patterns and shapes in the mist so I could just see through to what lay beyond.

The streets and sidewalks were dirty with sand and salt left over from the winter storms. Half melted mounds of muddy snow banks lined the edges of the streets. The ground sprouted lifeless dry grass that had been frozen by the bitter temperature. Molted grey cloud clover cast only dull shadows against the wintry backdrop allowing no sun rays to shine through. Ahead of me the road stretched straight and was lined with rows of worn down buildings painted in various hues of grey and brown, broken up only by the occasional strip mall or gas station. The repetitive hum of the engine and wheels gliding over the smooth asphalt lulled me into my meditative mind.

Thoughts of creation, life, and infinite anything’s floated in my mind like the delicate wispy snowflakes that gently fell from the sky to rest on the frozen ground. I thought to myself , ‘why?’. Why would people choose to paint their houses such cheerless colors, cheerless in a child’s perspective, if they could just as easily choose a pleasing shade of purple or blue?

As I naively romanticized my belief in the limitless creative power of human beings to shape the world around them as they wished, even unto the pattern of the weather I pondered who would create such a season? Why would one choose winters cold and bitter gale when they could have summers warm and soft breeze? The real beauty I find now is in the choice, but I was struck.


Iv had one whirl wind ride since I got back to Los Angeles. Coincidences are too numerous to explain, its been a cosmic magical ride that will no doubt will continue to excite and inspire.


Earthquakes inside and out. Back in the breezes and the rain, waiting for the flowers to bloom. Old crushes creepin, spent many hours sleeping. Wish I got more done in a day.


The world will not shine as bright without you in it.


The new year is here. Happy New Year. I’m very excited for 2010, it has already been wonderful, if one can say so so early on. Things started to shape up after the solstice, and after a trying 2009 I am ready for the new.

Formost on my mind musically is the new releases on the label, which are all wonderful. We hold company with Douglas Greed, An, Mathew, Chris Ward (and hopefully one very special as of yet unamed contributor).

I am currently working on a new dubstep mix, wrapping up a dubstep remix, and gearing up for a garage gig in Seattle. I have two tech-house and electronic eps finished, that will be out spring-summer on La Folia. Iv been busy in my silence.


Old Friends, familiar faces. Some are leaving, others appearing. Missing many who are dear. Change is in the air. Can you feel it? Things are getting weirder. I can’t tell the difference between the dream, and whats is ‘real’ anymore. The strange is ever more becoming normal.


I’m currently sitting on the floor of my boyfriends studio apartment, smoking a freshly rolled spliff. I’m revisiting this mix, contemplating one year later what motivated me then, and what still makes it central to my reality now. Its an honest mix. What do I mean by honest?

I set out with specifics goals when making this mix. There are two central ideas that compromise it and I followed an emotional and analytical formula. This was quickest mix I have recorded to date, 4 days. Its a translation of how I feel about love, god, and every crazy, wonderful, sad, beautiful, phenomonal, frightening thing about everything. Each track was a petal to the flower. It was as much about the space in between as the sounds themselves. Its about the void, and what fills it. With each track I chose I asked, what does this say, if anything? I wanted a suttle mix of genres. Each track was played out almost in its entirety, every note had to be heard.

This mix was also silently dedicated to someone for there inspiration in its making. People, as flawed as we think we are, are miraculous creatures. We allow each other to experience love, and a whole collection of other emotions and experiences. If it is only for a moment we come together, I can always be thankful for what people allow me to experience and what they teach me. This is a recognition of the beauty, and the ugliness, that people can create together.

A year later I can still listen to it and enjoy it. I’m still in that place.


“I continue to listen to the Tongue and Cheek mix over and over. I love it, it takes so many elements of music that I love and puts them into one: minimal, detroit, haunting melodies, cerebral effects, warmth and soul. There is a maturity about it, a deep understanding of music and emotion. This mix has been an emotional and spiritual grounding point for me this summer, and I thank you. If you are ever coming up to Alberta, please let me know. I’d love to not only have a chance to see you perform, but perhaps extend your trip to edmonton.” Thank you Aaron!