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Juno.co.uk – “It’s sonic urban poetry o’clock here with the latest release from deep ‘n’ dubby producer Searcher Of Hearts. It’s all very shady as to the identity of SOH, but it appears that they want the music to speak for itself. What we get are four tracks of crackly audio texture layered over post-dubstep/future garage beats. “Enamour” features scattered rhythms and soothing synths, “Halcyon” is pure liquid garage and “Keepsake” is all about fuzzed-out synth loops and slo-mo RnB vibes.”


Starting as a stalwart of the North American Garage/House/2-Step genre in late 90’s vinyl only rave and club scene Inanna was resident at the first Us 2-Step Garage weekly. Featured in URB, XLR8R, and countless regional publications DJ Inanna made waves as one of the first handful of Garage DJ’s and a woman DJ when feminine representation in the DJ world was rare. She expanded to establish herself as more than a just a proficient DJ of various genres and helmed her own label La Folia Recordings.


With a melodic sense rare among her knob- twiddling contemporaries, she spares the glitch and tweaking in favor of something more organic, and emotional. Her novel and atmospheric sound rests on lightness of touch and fluid rhythmic progression, where atmospheric enchantment and expansive moods are equal to her rigidly precise beatscapes and judiciously deployed subs.


Her precise, masterful mixing style has earned her a reputation for both creativity and raw talent. Her amalgam of heady ambience, deep bass, jacking house, and minimal techno are sophisticated and surreal, showing an amazing diversity of style that The Freshpage describes as “works of art that need to be displayed in a music vault at an audiophile museum”. While her recorded mix sets are most often experiments with found sound and hypnotic, dreamy soundscapes, conversely, her live performances serve up a more high- energy, cutting, late-night warehouse vibe.


In 2014 she released her first World Music release in the Gurmukhi language. Since, Inanna has released an album and several singles under the moniker Sat Avtar in Sanskrit, English and Gurmukhi languages. The soothing liquid tones of her voice have been compared to the like of “getting in a warm bath”. Largely self produced, she records with notable international musicians like Bogdan, an internationally known violinist from Tulum, Mexico, and other Grammy nominated musicians.


Searcher of Hearts

DJ Inanna

Sat Avtar (Meditation & World Music)



Modifyer 1

Modifyer 2

One Step Closer – UK 2-Step Garage circa 2001

Bass and House Vibes Mix

Bad Ass Bass – circa 1998 Garage & 2-Step